Packaging Premium FC Barcelona Nike

Diseño packaging camiseta del Barça
Diseño packaging ecológico camiseta del Barça
Diseño packaging ecológico camiseta del Barça
Packaging premium FC Barcelona

Exclusive packaging design, targeted to the media and VIP’s prerelease of the new Barça 2017/18 shirt. Under the concept of “The Shirt Never Sleeps”, it is played with black and a series of pieces are articulated and combined with different materials resulting in premium packaging. Both the functional design of the pack and its choice at the level of finishes has been a scrupulous study for its correct sensorial harmonization. Combining Skin Curious Collection® paper, with a black glossy stamping, makes it unique to each piece by playing with black. In addition, it is a combination of black methacrylate plate that creates a set of lights and shadows by the typographic die; refined details even on the silvery paper wrapped around the long-awaited shirt, a pasted double sided card that combines black and silver stamping is inside and a combination of subtle contrasts to surprise with elegance.

Pictures: Enric Badrinas.
Oxigen_2017® Sònia R. Grau y Carlos Pérez